MMC Insider

Is there anyway to still get into the PC flight. im am a long time comp player and was out of country for work. send help please

If you haven’t already signed up for the Halo Insider program then yes, i’m afraid it would be too late to be invited at this stage. If you have already sign up, opted in and are verified then there may be a chance of getting an invite, but 343 may not be sending out any more invites at this time

i have signed up. Have the hardware, i stream, also been playing comp for 18 years. feels bad

Juts one of these things OP. As much as I\m sure 343 would love to have everyone playing it’s not always feasible to do so, sometimes it’s less beneficial for them from a data perspective. Limited numbers can help focus testing on specific areas. Also it’s not always about the length of time you’ve been playing or the hardware you have.