MM Vehicles

with the new console, we all know that match making could hit up to 16v16, maybe even more.

what vehicles do you think should be added (completely new or already known in the halo universe) will we see in the much larger maps?

I’m thinking, and hoping to see a Warthog carrier, falcon, Spectre, Hornet, Chopper.

i’d also like to see whole new ground vehicles and flying vehicles. Either single person like the Ghost or Banshee, or vehicles that carry 2+

what would you guys/girls like to see?

If we want to expand on vehicles starting with air vehicles would great.

I’m thinking that if we had the Hornet and Banshee they could be considered light air vehicles.

The Falcon and Vampire (A different variant. One that isn’t designed for anti air) could be classed as heavy air vehicles.

For all these to be balanced you’re going to need to mess with each of their weapons and armor a lot but that’s 343s job.

If they’re more heavy on air vehicles in the next game we could have maps like New Alexandria and maps with buildings over a canyon or over an ocean where if you fall off you’ll die.

I’d also like to see a new Locust variant as the Covenants counter to the Mantis. I smell a giant robot fight!

As for a new Covenant Warthog counter I’m leaning towards the Reverent but if they allow for the Spectre to have different turret variations like the Warthog it might be a funner addition.

Full scale battles in which the likes of have only been seen in the campaign.
16v16 AT LEAST. 32v32 would be good though.

Depending which team / species, there should be:
Mongoose / ghost
Warthog / Gausshog / Troophog / Rockethog / Revenant / Spectre / Brute Chopper / Prowler
AA Wraith / Wolverine
Wraith / Scorpion / Mantis
Hornet / Vampire
Falcon / Banshee
Broadsword / Seraph
Pelican / Phantom / Spirit
Mammoth / Scarab

What Elite Bob said. HUGE maps. Maps between 5-10 times the size of Ragnarok. Would be awesome.

If we had a 16 v 16 playlist.

I love to see the Scarab, Mammoth, Phantom and Pelican Drivable.

I would also like to lee the Locust and Grizzly Tanks available.