MM Suggestions for B

Hey All and Bravo in particular, just providing some feedback on the MCC playlists.

  • Ghost Town seems to come up VERY often in TS, maybe its weighting should be adjusted / looked at. - Please remove AR starts from any Halo 3 game type, especially in Doubles because it’s ranked. SMG starts in Doubles are also quite a problem but tend to ruin H2 and H2A matches in the Team Slayer playlist as well, perhaps AR/SMG could only come up as an option if the Elo/MMR of the players in the game isn’t above a certain threshold, say 1400? - Could the selection please be randomised if there is an equal vote, rather than H2, H2A always getting the go-ahead. Better yet can it just be changed to a completely random selection and the multi-game playlists scrapped? - Could we PLEASE get some of the better community forged maps into matchmaking
    Long shot but…
    In Australia it seems we can only find games with any kind of expediency in either Team Slayer and Team Doubles, most likely due to low population. Is there a way to have separate playlist options for different regions? Maybe if the playlists were really tightened up into 4-5 of the most popular choices we’d actually end up with more variety. Could possibly look something like this?

  • 2v2 Team Doubles as is, ranked - 4v4 Halo 1 and 2, classic slayer, ranked - 4v4 Halo 3, ranked (small chance for snipers, swat and objective gametypes to come up) - 4v4 H2A and H4, ranked (small chance for snipers, swat and objective gametypes to come up) - 8v8 Big Team Battle as is, unranked
    Anyone who’s going to be playing HCS, FFA or whatever will be playing customs anyway - sucks that they can’t get a ranked playlist, but there’s just not the numbers for it I don’t think.

Thanks for reading.