MM still broken, or did my game not patch?

I’m still having significant problems matchmaking after the patch. I was able to get into one game yesterday, but it dumped me out after the game was over. Today I had the same experience as I did before with the patch (sat in the anniversary playlist lobby for 4 minutes without finding anybody).

Is this still a problem for most people, or did something go wrong with my version?

I had much better success yesterday but now I am struggling again. Any insight would be nice.

No, it’s still not working well. The patch has improved it marginally, but not much.


I found games really fast when I first started playing today.

But now I can’t find a match after 20 minutes of searching.

It’s like multiplayer just reverted back to the state of the game pre-patch.

We need dedicated servers so we stop getting these 3 v 4 or 4 v 5 games.

Had been working great for me but now it’s back to one game an hour.


Seriously though, how lame is it that the party leader can’t back the team out after a failed MM attempt. One of the main time consumers in MCC is simply trying to party up with friends. We generally have to quit out and reboot MCC to even make an attempt at a matchmaking attempt. We should be getting payed for all this troubleshooting. It seriously feels like one heck of a feat just to party up. That’s just wrong.

Anyone else feel like 343 is testing for single or two-player party connections? Getting on solo is better, two player party is spotty, 3+ is an absolute nightmare.