MM idea for H4

this is quite simple, vote for the system you want;

system 1; separate play lists for H4/‘classic’ game play

system 2; game types for new/‘classic’ mode in the same play list.

system 3; out with the old, in with the new, ‘classic’ mode available in customs.

system 4; don’t like it? go buy H3…

each system also goes by the assumption that there will be a skill based ranking system to provide separation of ‘casual’ players from competitive players and high-skill players from low-skill players in competitive (until low-skill players improve and therefore rank up)

i voted for system 1 as i believe it will cater the most to this varied community

What is this? I don’t even. . .

you are voting on the system you think will be the best solution to the MM system in H4, im trying to show people if a simple person like me can think of 4 answers to the continuous arguments over the nature off H4 then its very likely that 343i, professional game designers, have already considered these options and more and chosen what they think will be best.

so given the assumption of a skill based ranking system being implemented, which do you think/hope 343i will use;

a divided playlist system for the new game play/old game play.

a single playlist system that incorporates both styles of halo.

a single playlist system that incorporates the new style halo while making it possible to make ‘classic’ halo in custom games.

or should people just go play H3 if that is the game they seriously want to play as it is the game they keep saying got halo right.



i like this forum, people will post in threads arguing the pros/cons of a single game feature, but when you post a thread asking what peoples opinions are on some solutions to these arguments, no-one posts except to say they are too stupid to understand what you are trying to do.


I would not mind if they split playlist’s between classic and ‘new’ Halo of course, as long as the classic playlists make up the majority :wink: social-wise i could not care less, but the ranked playlists will be the one to watch, will they be classic or not? will they be split between classic and ‘new’ or simply all just ‘new’?

I do not personally care about social, it’s what they will do with the rank playlist’s (not including whatever the rank system will be here by the way) that will be the focus point of any playlist-based debate in my opinion.