MM ban because 343 are incompetent

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So the moral of the story is what?

Don’t be a quitter.

Or do something else if you can’t get a game at acceptable pings.

But I agree that there should be a minimum ping setting. There has to be a reasonable limit to how expanded you are taken.


why did you quit 5 games honestly


Don’t quit half your games. Teammates hate that and it makes you look bad.


I read this as “I did something stupid and there were consequences.”


I had 3k ping spikes and still got kills.
It sucks a lot but hey what can we do but wait.


why should he care what teammates think of him? No fun = quit. easy as that. If you get banned, go ppay something else…

Servers in infite are crap, noone is forced to play under bad conditions.

but it’s funny how noone in this thread gets the OP^^


We get it.

It somehow took them 10 games and 5 quits to work out that things weren’t working out. I can understand 1. Maybe 2…

And I suspect if we could look up their game history - this is probably not an isolated behaviour.


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Unfortunately actions have consequences. Even social games have rules.

I would have stopped playing after my 2nd or 3rd match if all I was getting was unplayable pings.


Why continue to search? How did you have the drive to play that many unbalanced server games? Why quit on your team mates that many times? Lots of red flags here fellow Spartan.

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Where’s the comic of the guy sticking the stick in his wheel


He doesn’t have to, but the truth is that it makes the game less enjoyable for other people when they get put at a disadvantage.

Why people be mad he left a game? Id do the same thing. We are playing their game for their quality. Why do we need to stay for poor quality? If he’s running on 800 ping and isn’t gaining a fair match, he shouldn’t be obliged to suffer to the end over a fault that isn’t on his end. Its not fair for him and his ban was unjustified. I would leave too.

If someone wants to play Halo Infinite as well and its not running appropriately, telling them to do something else is not a good, in-topic argument as well.

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Then again, how did you go through 10 games already realizing you weren’t getting consistent latency? You should’ve just left some time ago. I don’t believe you should stay in those games with your ping, but I also don’t believe you should’ve kept on trying that far. Challenging the system, and fully knowing you would get consequences isn’t helping your case.

We all hate quitters.

This is the particularly selfish bit.

800ms is more than 343’s servers. That’s something from your end.


These posts always make me laugh. “Why’d I get banned!!!???” And “343’s stupid, because MY internet SUCKS!” I can’t stop crying, I’m laughing so hard! :joy::joy::joy:


If 343 can’t fill a play list due to bad networking, descent playlists with solid game modes. Then why cant somebody quit? It shows they have to do better!!

No point playing a game if it doesn’t work!!!

I’d quit too in that scenario.

Edit: I had a similar scenario yesterday…. Play in the U.K. couldn’t find a local game on a Saturday night (wtf) so exapsnded to further afield. Got sick of running on 90-130 ping so basically went AFK in the last game and went and made a coffee.

This^^ was 343s fault for putting me in an unfair game. So don’t gas light people put the blame where it belongs!

More like you need to get better internet if you can’t get a good enough connection.

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I updated my post to include my scenari too… but like the Op we both have super fast fibre.