MLG settings in H4?

any (official) word yet as to the settings MLG will use in it’s game types for the upcoming pre-launch event, or are they going to roll with default ‘slayer pro’ settings?

on the same lines, will they have custom forged maps, or be using the versions from slayer pro, or other ‘standard’ MM game types?

Some mlg guy jokingly said, we wont be doing barebones so to answer your question, they’re just gonna do infinity game modes :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s official word, but I imagine that their V1 settings will eventually incorporate the following:

110% damage (makes BR a 4sk)
BR starts
DMRs on the map
2 frag start with ressuply
No radar
Haven, Abandon, and Adrift with modified weapons
Forge maps
No ordnance system; weapons placed on the map
Sprint (it currently cannot be turned off)
Slayer KotH, and maybe an underheard gametype (probably even CTF)

Just my opinion based on what they usually do.