MLG Playlist, Weapons balance, Forged maps.

When Will the MLG playlist be realeased ?
Are the noob weapons in it or not or is it to soon to tell ?
And what type of maps will we be given for it ?
Im a competitive Halo player who attends events. So if you dont play MLG dont comment stupid stuff on this like I see on alot of other threads . These are just questions and a Debate thread.
Halo 4 is not competitive at all right now, and i do remember them saying " WITH COMPETITIVE IN MIND " In most of the game trailors and interviews.
Incenaration Cannon does not need to be in MLG, And if it is. Make it actually Spawn 1 time and not a -Yoinking!- millon times like on most maps.
Bionary rifle, Noob weapon 1 hit kill no defense against it.
Needler is to powerful its like a .5 second kill.
Saw Gun does not need to be in MLG and if it is same goes for inceniration cannon.
343 needs to realize this is Halo. Not COD. If i wanted to play COD, Id go buy Black ops.
Theres to many noob weapons where a new player can rape me over and over again when they get it.
Anyone have information on these things for the MLG playlist ?

Thanks <3

MLG Forums is a better place to ask these questions.