MLG players like Jetpack...

So there is a lot of talk nowadays about how terrible the Jetpack is and how it “should NOT be in Halo 4!” Well all this talk about the Jetpack started me to thinking…

(not all) but a very vocal part of the competitive community claims that the Jetpack is a game breaking feature, because it destroys map flow and map control. Now whereas I dont necessarily disagree with that accusation it does bring up an interesting question.

Why is there Jetpacks on MLG maps? If it is such a horrible addition to Halo, why put it in the competitive MLG playlist? Yes it’s a pickup only…but it’s still there.


Because Jetpack is too powerful to spawn with. They are on MLG maps as a powerup, not a spawning ability. On maps in limited quantities, it is fine, it isn’t abused as bad. When an entire team can use Jetpack at once, it gets really stupid.

Maybe they’re thinking that removing a feature to the game is how you can alienate fans and people who are tired of seeing the same thing everyday.