MLG 4v4 and MLG FFA Tourney : March 9th-11th

Two weeks before MLG Columbus, one week before the TLN 6 team LAN, my clan (the Dropshock Brigade) will be hosting a big tournament. This will be great practice for anybody looking to compete at Columbus in both the FFA and the 4v4 as we will be using the most up to date settings, other than Anniversary maps (assuming those are made official). We have yet to work out all the details yet, but I mainly am posting this here to gauge interest.

-FFA will be hosted all Friday, and possibly Saturday afternoon
-If we get past a certain number of teams for the 4v4 or players for the FFA, there will be an entry fee (less than 15 dollars)
-FFA players will be able to play in the 4v4 as well
-There will be prize money based on number of teams and entry fees (if we get enough teams)

So, I’m just looking for people to say if they would play. The more people that post here, the more people we can plan for and open the tournament up to. A lot of planning is going to be put into this, which is why I’m trying to see who is in to play. Feel free to ask any questions and I’m happy to answer what I can so far.