Mk VII Customization

Does anyone else feel a little disappointed/jaded over how little customization there is for the Mk 7 armor? Most customization options for the armor have half or more of the options locked behind the shop. I wouldn’t have been as jaded if they hadn’t shown us these armors in the trailer and made it seem that they would be in the battlepass. I know it wasn’t explicitly stated, but they way they talked about it made it seem that we would be able to obtain them through the pass.

It also doesn’t help that returning armors from H4/5, like Anubis and Soldier, are only available through the store. And for $20, which is 1/3 of a full priced game release (not regarding how many new games launch at $70 now). If they would at least lower the prices and have more customization for the Mk 7, in the battlepass, wouldn’t be as disappointed. But as it stands, if you want more customization for the Mk 7 then you have to cough up more money.

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Hm. never thought of that.

Definitely. “A lot of this stuff is unlocked through playing the game.” "Player first mentality." Uh huh. No one should be letting them off the hook on this; the marketing was misleading and unethical.