Mk VI Helmet in Reach?

Alright, guys and gals.

I know this has been all over the other forums for pretty much ever. Unfortunately, those communities aren’t filled with highly intelligent lifeforms. I think you all are smarter than that.

Thus the reason why I come to you all asking:

“Does anyone know how the Mk VI helmet is unlocked?”

Please, no dumb comments or “LOL UR NOOB” talk. Serious answers only.

Thank you all for your time and patience!

I do not think it is widely known how to unlock it yet, I would assume it requires a high rank and a lot of credits. Someone will figure it out soon! =)

The helmets and other armour pieces probably open up in the armoury as you progress through the ranks. Currently the rank is capped at Lt.Col Grade 3.

Yeah, we’re just not sure how all of them are unlocked yet. From what I’ve heard, it just depends on the helmet. I can’t confirm anything, but it seems like a couple of them are more than just getting to a certain grade, but also require having other helmets purchased already.

That being said, there are a lot of cool helmets and I can’t wait to learn how to unlock them…