Mixed input not working ( ControlPad/Mouse combo )

Mixed control input isn’t currently supported. So I cant use my xbox 360 or ps4 pad ( instead of a keyboard ) at the same time i use my mouse for aiming. When I try I get this 2 or 3 second lag when using both at the same time. If I use just keyboard and mouse its fine, or just gamepad its fine, but as soon as I use gamepad and mouse together it lags to hell. Its so frustrating - its my preferred method of playing FPS and has worked fine for me for every other game i own.
Although this is may seem an unusual method of control style it is an increasing popular method for players including some pro players in other fps. It gives them the fluidity of movement of the control pad compared to keyboard movement with the added bonus of mouse aiming.
Please Devs allow Mixed control input, ive been waiting years to play Halo like this.

I second this, I also do the same and it’s incredibly frustrating to constantly run into this issue. I swear we are in the dark ages of gaming peripherals.