Mix up the playlists

I’ve been playing a lot of the Crimson playlist lately, and I love it! The maps are pretty good, but that’s not why I’m talking about it. What I really love, is that there’s a mix of gametypes like there was in previous Halos.

The current one-gametype-per-playlist system was pretty good when the game launched. There were a lot of changes to the gametypes, so if you wanted to try the new CTF, you could be guaranteed that you would find a CTF match. Now that we’ve all tried the new game types, I think it’s time to revert to the ways of the old. As per usual, give Slayer its own playlist, but group objective gametypes in to one playlist, add some objective in to Big Team, and maybe throw in one for FFA. Here’s a few main reasons why.

  • Fewer playlists means more players per playlist, so faster matching. If, for example, Oddball, CTF and KotH (currently not in roatation) were merged in to one playlist, any objective players could find a game much quicker. Plus that means KotH comes back.

  • FFA playlist. I quite like. It reminds me of when my housemates (not massive Halo players) tried to make a gametype that punishes the leader as much as possible (I still won). I enjoy having all the players rush one target, especially if that target is you. However, I would like to see some standard FFA slayer action. And Oddball. And KotH.

  • Big Team CTF games. Nuff said.

  • It makes the decisions for you. This is the best thing I like about the Crimson (and the FFA throwback) playlist. I don’t care if I end up with a CTF or a KotH match, I just want to work with my team and shoot people in the face.

Thoughts? Complaints? Pointlessly saying I’m wrong without backing up your ideas? It’s the internet, people, let’s hear it!