Mix up Firefight and Spartan Ops.

Firefight and Spartan Ops have ups and downs. So here’s my simple idea for Halo 5 to make Spartan Ops 2.0 better, bigger, and more friendly to all

Firefight and Spartan Ops combines

1-Add Lives. Having infinite lives and spawns for Spartan Ops makes it too easy. I would say 7 however given the type of missions SO has I would say. Each player gets a set number of lives based on the mission.

2-10 levels on disc. Don’t limit Spartan Ops 2.0 to live users only. There should be 10 levels (2 chapters or 1…) so those without Live can still play something. However more episodes are released weekly.

3-Mix of levels. Spartan Ops seems to Firefight like, missions are usaully just areas you kill things in. There needs to be two main types of missions
A: Linear Maps. These are campaign like. Maps that are about getting from point A to Point B. A lot more campaign like

B: Set maps. These are maps that take place in one area. More firefight like. Usually defending an area or attacking it.

4-Keep the story. Yet fix up Palmers stupid -Yoink- attitude. “eggheads” every 4 works is annoying

5-Allow more open Loadouts for higher ranks. Like allowing heavier weapons later on

6-Add Skulls/Meta Scoring and so on.

7-Add Halo Reach style customability. Like being able to change enemy HP, Sight, Hearing, Shot amount, Enemy types, Vehicle types, Allied types

8-Better friendly A.I

9-Vehicles shouldn’t spawn every 5 seconds. If you lose it, you need to wait until a set number of minutes.

Any other ideas?