Mister Chief AI Ever Coming Back?

Is the Mister Chief AI ever coming back to the store? The only “customization” I care about is the AIs (for commentary diversity) and I missed Mister Chief when it was initially offered (at the “community breaking point” price haha, though that’s not why I missed it). Any word?

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I wonder if anything from season one is coming back.

I hope so. The only item I would buy. I love the the Mister Chief helmet in MCC. I use it ever since I unlocked.
I recall well, it’s price was cover 2 BPs?

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I hope not for 20 chars.

Right? This is the only thing I want to buy.

I didn’t get it last time because it was $20 for the bundle.

I reckon your best bet is the back half of Season 2.

There is a three month hiatus of events (hopefully filled spectacularly by Forge).

And this would be the best time to start recycling S1 stuff.

It’s back for 1000 credits.


Welp I missed it again lol. Hopefully it comes back a third time.

It’s back rn in the store for 1000 credits


It’s in the store right now. I’m not suggesting you buy it because I will never suggest buying anything in the store because I hate this system, but I will let you know that it is available. You have until 19 hours after this post before it possibly rotates out again.


Thanks guys, but I missed it again lol. I guess they want it to be very difficult for people to give them money.


I actually thought of this thread when I was buying it myself a couple of days ago…

I feel bad I didn’t actually look you up and make sure you saw it. I kind of assumed you got it the time before.

Hopefully it will cycle through again in a couple of weeks.

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I went back over the daily specials… and I can’t see a pattern… but they put out nine items… then repeated five of them (best selling?)… and now they have repeated four of those again…

9th = Mister Chief
10th = Neptune’s depth
11th = Estate Gold
12th = Enigma
13th = Space Pickle
14th = Fire and Frost
15th = Tacticlamp
16th = ISR
17th = Pineapple

18th = Space Pickle
19th = Fire and Frost
20th = Enigma
21st = Estate Gold
22nd = Mister Chief

23rd = Fire and Frost
24th = Space Pickle
25th = Enigma
26th = Estate Gold

Could be lining up for Mister Chief tomorrow?


Love this, but it didn’t work out for today, they put ISR out again. But clearly based on your breakdown they are doing some recycling and looks like things might be coming back at least three times, so if I remain vigilant maybe I’ll finally get it.

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Today - today is the day.


It’s available today


Technically it’s available for the the entire week lol


Whatever, we’re just trying to let the guy know.


Well he has till the Tuesday reset so plenty of time.


It’s in the store for £7.99.

Not happening 343I

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