Mission Start/End [Campaign]

Anyone else miss the days of hopping in the back of a pelican and flying over the previous battlefield at the end of a mission? I don’t even know if it’d be possible with the latest iterations of pelicans in the games. And not just at the end of missions but at the start of them, like the mission 343 Guilty Spark, The Silent Cartographer and Assault on the Control Room, there was something badass about jumping out of the back of a pelican right into the thick of it. It seems all of the missions starting and endings are just generic fades to black etc now, however the Warzone trailer for that one map revitalised my faith that it may come back, seems even cooler when you’re jumping out shoulder to shoulder with other Players, I can’t be alone on this one, opinions?

Dropping out of a ODST drop pod from orbit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pelican drop off.

Seriously though, I get what you mean. But I can live without it personally. I thought Reach also had a good opening where the action is all around you and then your warthog crashes on Tip of the Spear. And I love how H5’s opening will go straight into the action.

I’m only bumping cuz I’m curious OP, how does it feel? knowing Enemy Lines opens up with a pelican drop and then getting picked up by Arbie’s phantom near/at the end?