Mission select in the works, no date though

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I’m sure it’ll come along with Co-op. That’s probably how they will end up making it work.

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To quote the philosopher, Soon™

That are fcking great news.

To TOTALLY beat a dead horse here…what have 343 been doing for 6 freaking years???

Whether MP is fun to players or not, the fact is it has been released with the least amount of content for a Halo MP or very close to it.

The UI, per Ske7ch, is not in a state to be expandable currently.

They are still figuring out the feasibility of Slayer

Co-op campaign is delayed

Campaign mission select has been delayed

Forge delayed

Significant issues with progression

I mean honestly, is this all due to the Slipstream engine they built? Seriously everything but the base game play needs help or has been delayed.


Awesome :grinning: Glad they are adding it

They worked on halo Infinite.

Complaining about the same issues over and over again in each thread is annoying…

Can People not be happy anymore about such news? Everything as to be lowered cause of some small Bad decisions they made…

I’m asking a question because I am genuinely curious? Entire games are made faster than this, so was it the new engine that consumed all of their time?

Also, should I be happy that basic features won’t release with the campaign and are “in the works”? Are you happy about it?

Finally, if backlash annoys you, you may want to sign out for a while, because I can’t see this getting any better especially when the “It’s a beta” defense no longer applies.