Mission Select - Campaign Challenges

When Mission Select is added I think it would be great to see some Campaign Challenges added.

Though I suppose this may not be feasible with how the multiplayer is free and not every player purchased / acquired the campaign through GamePass.


With you 100%.

Some kind of PvE challenge system would be really great. It feels truthfully like 343i has neglected that side of the player base with the exclusion of any sort of PvE challenges in Infinite when they were such a big thing in MCC.

As a player who really prefers PvE, MCC’s parallel tracks of PvP and PvE challenges made me really happy. It gave everyone a reason to clock some time in the game completing challenges that meaningfully contributed to its progression system. In Infinite, it’s currently PvP or bust if you’re trying to move along in the BP.

There’s fun to be had in PvP multiplayer for Infinite, but it would be nice to have more options, especially for players who prefer Halo as a PvE experience.

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I’m with you - while I enjoy playing with friends in PvP, I vastly prefer PvE experiences with friends to PvP. It would be great if campaign coop (and hopefully, eventually Firefight) was able to contribute to some form of broader progression for Infinite.


Campaign challenges would be a good idea to freshen up the Co-Op experience, whenever it arrives. I’ve already beaten the campaign so I really don’t see any reason to go back and play it alone unless they give a Campaign Weekly Ultimate or something.

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That would be great. Would add a lot of replayability. I always completed it twice. Normal and legendary.

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