Mission 5 Campaign Glitch

So me and my brother completed the whole campaign on heroic with no issues and we got the achievement. So no I continue onwards to doing it solo on legendary. As I play level 5, Reclaimer, after I destroy the second gravity tether, a covenant ship is supposed to appear and you have to board it. The ship appears, but there is no lift to send me up in the ship like it supposed to. I have also noticed that the wraiths and ghosts seem to never end because drop ships keep dropping them off. There are also no enemies in there area where you board the ship.
Does anybody else have this problem?

Yeah I think I had this problem too, but I just kept on killing them and eventually it worked out.

Strangely happened to me also, i must’ve killed 5 wraiths and 40 ghosts. Then decided to quite out, reload, and the next ghost i killed the grav lift decided to appear. Weird

Well Christ. Why would they make you kill 4 million enemies? I thought there was something. Wrong with this game. Spent 10 minutes riding around and then POOF!

I’m stuck here also. All of the enemies are dead but there is no ship or gravity lift.

Same problem here. I’m really pissed off of that. Bought the limited edition but can’t finish the campaign. I really hope 343 will fix.

Restarting the level fixed it for myself.

it’s legendary and it is meant to be hard. I wouldn’t have had 2 regular warthogs come to my aid if it were a glitch.