Mission 2 & Spartan Ops Mission...

…hey fellow Halo players. I have skimmed through the post concerning issues with Halo 4, although i did not read every one of the 135 pages. For some reason campaign mission 2 and a Spartan Ops mission, both of which I completed, show as still not completed. I did both mission on solo and when I actually go into campaign and scroll through the mission it shows as completed but on service record it doesn’t show. Anyone else have this? any easy fix? thanks in advance.

Only advice i’ve seen / recommend right now is do it again. If that doesn’t work, give it some time for them to work out the bugs… then do it again.

Mission 8 on campaign (last mission) didn’t count for me on heroic, but on waypoint it did. Just sucks.

will do. hate doing them…AGAIN…but hey, thats replay value i guess! LOL