Mission 06 - Dome Of Light Help

Any Tips on how to beat this on legendary!! its so dam hard cant do it on my own :frowning:

Try looking at this guide.

Anti-Air and Tanks.

just warthog rush

nothing stands in your way with 20 Gauss hogs

Lots and lots of wolverines all you need really, get enough AA up and none of the transports will get through then you just need to deal with the covy bases (Volley FTW)

Whether you use Scorpions or Wolverines to clear out the Covenant buildings, I’d highly suggest protecting them with a few Flamethrowers (with appropriate upgrades, of course) for the Hunters. Clear out areas before the game tells you to send the next Rhino, i.e. if the game tells you to send Rhino #1 to its location, send your units to clear out the location for Rhino #2. This allows you to get a jump on Covenant buildings before they are fully constructed. Repeat for all of the other locations.

No I do not. It was hard enough on normal:P

I’ve completed it on legendary both co-op and solo (In solo I made the mistake of putting skulls on -.- making A.I a lot more aggressive) I will admit that in solo my base got destroyed just before the same switched me to the mac targeting at the end of the mission.