Missing vehicles

Anybody else missing the tons of vehicles their used to be in Halo?
The Mantis is cool and all that, and i think they updated it to be more powerful V infantry (or maybe its me just being a bit stupid charging it head on)
But I just have brilliant memories of playing Sandtrap on Halo 3 and everybody on these dozens of cool -Yoink- vehicles
But now theres a lot less
Hopefully 343 will bring some new exciting ones in Halo 5
-cue argument about wether to get Xbox One or not-

Yeah the Brute Chopper!

Hopefully 343 returns & adds more New Vehicles.

I do miss flying the hornet…now its just a piece of scenery, taunting me as it flies by…

BTIS on Vortex is probably the closest you will find.

Supposedly there are Scorpions on Longbow BTIS, but no one I know has ever actually seen that map.

There are scorpions on Longbow, I actually got to play on it yesterday!
Two ghosts, two banshees and two scorpions on map, very nicely balanced.
Only thing I have a problem with is the spawn times, for some reason the banshees respawn quicker than the ghosts…