Missing the point

I believe many of you who are complaining about the additions of such things as tactical packages and support upgrades and the continuation of armor abilities, etc. are missing the point of a new game. We all loved the original trilogy and Halo is what helped bring us into a new era of multiplayer gaming, but it can’t stay the way it was forever. It used to be very simplistic, especially when it came to customizations but everything changes. As new games come out introducing new ideas into the multiplayer world it would be insane to ignore them and keep releasing the same game with just updated graphics and a new story. Technology is advancing, gaming is advancing and everything is going to change. Halo can not be stagnant or it will fall by the way side and I don’t think any of us want that. Yes, some of the new additions are very similar to CoD but to me it appears that 343 did a great job of balancing these new additions to the game.

Point being, games have to change. Everything changes and focusing on the past will not bring back the Halo we knew, but we can hope for 4, 5 and 6 to be just as good if not better.