Missing Teishin Raikou from a while ago

Gamertag: Neored Phoenix
Preordered game. Played online within the promotional offer period. Checked REQ packs every once in a while. Recently noticed no Teishin Raikou armor yet. After starting with Xbox support, they sent me here with reference number: 1322767925. Can you check it for me? Thanks.

Teishen armour was given out via Xbox Live Codes OP, you should have received an Xbox Live Message with a code in it. If you didn’t, it’s possible the message expired before you read it. I think the Forum team should be able to organise a new code for you if you never received and redeemed it

Never received the message and the messages are supposed to last 30 days or something, right? The last time I went more than 6 days without checking messages was before Gears of War: Ultimate came out (since I was checking the store’s refresh weekly after that). I thought it was to be delivered in a REQ pack, so I guess it was, if I had had a code for it

Yeah messages auto expire after 30 days. I though myself it would be a REQ pack that just showed up, but they sent out a bunch of codes. I ended up giving mine away on twitter haha, cool looking armour but I doubt I’ll ever switch away from Cypher :slight_smile: