Missing skull glitch?

So, I just finished getting all the skulltaker achievements. I’ve got the achievements that say you got all the skulls in x game for halo 1,2,3. They’re all done unlocking, and the nameplates have all been unlocked. However, for some reason, my profile on here says I’ve only got 40/41.

Is there a skull I’m missing? Does it count skulls not in achievements somehow? Or did it glitch on one skull, and I have to go back and get them all over?

Anyone else experience this? Or have any insight into it?

If you got the achievement then I wouldn’t care too much. If it would tell you which skull it didn’t count that would be helpful so you can go back and get it until it count, but the stat counting is this game is useless just like 343

Without getting into a discussion about 343, I was kind of thinking it would be nice for it to tell you which skulls you did/didn’t get like the missions…since I’ve cleared them all on legendary already, running back through grabbing all the skulls shouldn’t be too tough…Afraid I’ll hit the same thing with the terminals though…But as you said. since I have the achievements I’m not going to worry about my profile right now, maybe someday. By then maybe they’ll fix it.