Missing requisitions???

I bought sixty dollars worth of req packs and the thing disconnected or something while I was opening them. My wifi worked just fine it said it couldn’t access any of my stuff and when it started working most of the stuff I opened towards my last packs were gone! I got lots of legendaries and I’m quite angry and dissatisfied to say the least. I’ve never spent this much money on a game and this is quite an unpleasant experience. At least give me a refund or give me the req packs back. I don’t usually write forum posts but this pissed me off. I have the digital receipt for proof.

Stuff that you were awarded was placed in your inventory. You can check it here on Waypoint. As for the synch issue, try a hard reset on your xbox, then restart the game. That should get all of your stuff to load properly. There is sometimes a delay of about 60 seconds for your req inventory to load.