Missing REQ points.

Last night the REQ services was messing up for me when trying to buy a Gold Pack with 10,000 REQ points but it said “REQ services unavailable at this time” so I restarted the game, however when i came to open the gold pack, i noticed the game had taken 10,000 REQ points and not given me a gold pack… Please help

Still not showing up…


Same thing happened to a friend of mine last night, but it appeared in “Open Packs” section. There is a possibility that the pack opened but the opening animation was skipped so try checking if you have any new REQs(Hopefully 343 adds a recently obtained REQs section) . Or you can try doing a hard reset of your xbox. You can check out this post- https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/psa-not-receiving-purchased-req-packs/f4b0a31c-fd35-4cde-a368-537c60f9c563/posts

No its not there and I didnt recieve the REQs cause i sell every REQ i get other than boosts. Just want armour etc, dont play warzone much. Thanks anyway

Try a hard reset on your xbox.

This is a 343 post on the issue:
On rare occasions, a REQ Pack will open without displaying the full animation. If this happens, the items will still be placed directly into your inventory. If the items are not immediately visible in your inventory, please perform a hard reset on your Xbox One and the items should be there. Additionally, if you’d like to check from your computer, the items should be in your inventory here on Halo Waypoint as well. We apologize for the inconvenience!