Missing REQ points after crash.

Hey, I was playing some games of Warzone Firefight and Action Sack earlier, all was good, but when the game crashed I came back to having 26 REQ points from the over 15k I had previously, and the boosts I used for those games are gone now as well. I burned a legendary RP boost and two rares today and now both the boosts and the points earned for this are gone. Any help available? I’ve already tried restarting the game, the xbox, and playing another game to see if it updates. :confused:

Are you experiencing the “Retrieving Data” error by any chance?

Nope, my games end normally and I’m earning REQ today just fine but that’s still about 15k REQ points gone out of nowhere. I had a retrieving data error once last night after an action sack but that was about it.

EDIT: I should say they end normally today, there were a few bumps and disconnects yesterday obviously.

Hey DarkArbiter,

I’ve taken a look at your Req history, and everything looks correct. My best guess is that the crash may have happened in between the time a gold pack was purchased and the opening animation happened during the game.

I’ll PM you with more details to tell you what our systems show as your req history.