Missing Req Items?

Ok, so IK I can’t possibly be the only one who is noticing this so I gotta ask… has anyone else noticed that their few items just disappear without ever being used? Let me explain.

So I like to collect stuff in games. Halo 5 is no different. I want every req items and permanent unlock. So far in doing well. But the items I never use I will keep just 1 so I have it. Yet every week it seems like I loose one or two of them. 2 weeks ago it was a beam rifle. Yesterday, it was an Appetite for Destuction. This morning im missing a Binary Rifle. Five min ago I’m now missing a Lightrifle. I’ve noticed that I’ve also lost both area and warzone boosts.

And just invade anyone is wondering, I’m the only one who uses my Xbox one and it requires the 6 digit pin to log onto my profile, and no, no one knows my pin.

I bring this topic up to see if anyone else has noticed this, if anyone knows why this randomly happens, and to make 343 aware of this problem so they can get it corrected.

Anyone have any idea why this happens? 343?

Ok I guess I am the only one