Missing reach armor?!

so, something i noticed today fir the season 2 update is that there are a number of armor pieces that i can check out for my spartan 5 (reach core) that are locked. i checked the description for these pieces and they supposedly released during season 1, but i’ve never seen them in the store, and they sure as h*ll weren’t in the battle pass. the two armor sets i can see are the JFO and CQC armor sets. my question is why show us these armor pieces only for us to have no way to earn them? kind if a kick in the balls if you ask me


They’re meant to be in the shop, were originally going to release in Season 1 but I think 343 just waiting for Season 2

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i hope so! the reach armor is the only armor i’d be willing to buy

It never released, which means it’s most likely on its way in some capacity.

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Just commenting now after we received the winter update that promised to bring in missing REACH armor.

We are STILL missing some of the best armor pieces from reach and the 30 rank winter pass is padded out with a bunch of non reach armor and they didn’t even bring back the good stuff, like the security helm, the ghostly helm, the gunginir helm, Emile’s correct chest piece (which has the grenade belt below the 8 nades on the chest iteself), the military helm and all the extra body armor pieces that accompany the helmets I mentioned. There’s even more missing besides the ones I named but I don’t remember their names.

It’s just sad that it’s more bs padding, missing content and if I remember correctly, stuff like the commando armor was sold in the store, not available Or unlockable via normal playing (like a weekly reward, battle pass or any other means).

Such high hopes and even after a year, it’s still garbo.


and there still missing my favorite helmet, the eod, which has been around since 3!

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Yeah I’m not that hyped about the battlepass either. I’ll still grind it out, but I definitely think they missed the mark.

Those are going to be part of future events. I’m more concerned with the Reach armors that are yet to be added. Such as the helmet I wore back in Reach, Military Police. They even put it in Halo 5, but here we are a full year after release with a season based on Reach and a free pass that was content originally slated for that first season and we still don’t have all those helmets and shoulders.

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