Missing Oppertunities 343i

This may come off as brash, as I work in a field where I over see a group of people to get a task done; but I genuinely think id be a great game director because of my background. I personally think all my ideas would kick Halo Infinite into a great place and the player base would love it. That being said, this all comes from wanting halo to be the best it can be… using what it has already.

To my point; Halo Infinite is currently very un-impressive. The reason its done so well is that they copied what Bungie did in the past. To move forward into some less-tredded territory, 343i should expand on having FUN in Halo Infinite.

-Have 4 player Halo Dungeons that have armor and weapon attachments tied to it. Make the Legendary version of that content very tough. (not 4 master chiefs, 4 player customized spartans)

-Expand the weapons for the future there sure are very few human weapons that exist.

-Allow customization of sights or reticals per weapon that your helmet hud shows.

-Create different outlines per helmet (lots of work? maybe?)
_Helmets are a huge part of halo… the armor you wear should not only show off to the people from the outside but they should be different looking out each helmet. Keeping some things similar it would be ver cool to have different feels per helmet. Or customizable feeling.

-Shaders should be allowed on any armor piece. that is a quick fix for one of the biggest issues right now.

and finally…

-Use the idea from Killzone 3’s Operations mode [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w8HDn5z5oM ]
this mode as you progress get quick cutscenes of the heroes (players) that are doing the objective or have most kills as the level expands into a new zone - usally 3 areas per map. Halo would be so GREAT for this, instead of just big team, add in this Operations mode where a team pushes into defenders and as they move though the map you get to see spartan completing the tasks in a quick cutscene then moving into the next area. matches could range from 12-22 min (less time than a battle royale)

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