Missing Monster Energy Weapon Skins?

Is anyone else missing their Monster Energy weapon skins? I grinded the Monster Energy promotion last year and maxed out my double XP. I have the double XP in-game however the Green/Black Weapon Skins are nowhere to be seen.


Hey Slackin, can you submit a ticket about this please?



I know im missing the armor skin but i have the rest.

I am missing mine to? Im not sure. I have the BR skin and all the exp boosts. But no skins for the other guns?

I have my codes under redemption history, but nothing in game…

I submitted a ticket to support and the reply was basically they can’t help me. I got all the 2x xp boosts but I didn’t get any of my.monster skins.

If your response it submit a ticket please actually help instead of just stating you won’t help.

I would very much like to get the skins I took the time to earn.

I have this same problem. I submitted a ticket and all. But a bot replied with can’t help basically. I really hate that I lost all that money and time.

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I just started a forum with the message I put for the support ticket. Don’t know if you would actually read through it all or not. I just feel heartbroken about the massive sacrifice I made for some simple non valuable, virtual skins that mean nothing to anyone around me. But means everything to me.

Hey @snickerdoodle , I also have an issue. I did the Monster stuff to get enough for all except the AR (I don’t live in Canada) and I wanted to get the special nameplates for the survey, but the survey wouldn’t come through until February.

I was at boot camp for the Marines during that time so I was unable to do the survey. Would I be able to submit a ticket about this?

I’m missing some of my promo stuff as well and I’m not happy about it. I bought every promotional item since 2020 and I redeemed every single code but there’s stuff I’m missing such as certain player emblems, weapon emblems, vehicle emblems, weapon charms, etc but all those codes are redeemed Also, for example, I’m missing the phalanx weapon emblem but I tried re-entering the code and it says the following WHOOPS!
The code entered is for an offer that you have already redeemed … But it’s not showing up in the game this is just one example of this.

I tried submitting a ticket but was basically told that support couldn’t help me 90% of these promotions were close to a year ago this needs to be sorted out please 343. Also, there’s no way to go back and view your entire redeem history ever since the new waypoint showed up this has been a problem.

I can literally give a list of what I bought and what I should have on my account but some of the codes I can’t check to see what there supposed to give since i can’t check my redeem history entirely.


Same here! In the exact same boat. I bought a ton of Monster last year. Way more then enough needed. I’m still setting on cases upon cases. I redeemed all my receipts and codes yet all I have is like 300 swaps, a BR skin and one emblem/badge or whatever. Only thing I wanted were the skins.

I submitted a ticket and was given a generic we can’t help response from “the Superintendent.” What can we do to have these issues look into?

Given that the monster website is now down, I can’t even see what all I unlocked. I got the BR and AR skins, but I thought I had unlocked more. Also didn’t get any of the instagram/snapchat skins.

There were only 6 things offered through monster promotion.

AR skin, Commando skin, BR skin, Sidekick skin,

Phalanx and Xiphos, player emblem
Phalanx and Xiphos weapon emblem