Missing Monster Energy Skins

Hi there, I wanted to know if anyone else is missing their Monster Energy Skins from like a year ago? I Have the BR Skin and all the exp boosts in the world. But I dont have any of my other Weapon Skins or any Emblems. Where are they? Im very sad about this. Please help.

I’m in a similar boat. My codes were redeemed and while I have the 2x xp I did not get the skins. Please help.

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I forgot that was a thing! Hope you get them! I was out of the US when it happened so I missed out haha

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Have not got an answer yet. I created a support ticket and everything. But like I feel like they are just going to say “its out of our hands”

Did you send in a support ticket to Halo Support?

Yeah. Just got a bot saying it’s of their hands. But like it told me to message it to they can review it so im waiting g on that