missing messages

Well I went go check my messages and all of my sent and inbox was empty and I didn’t delete them. Is there any reason this would happen?

It’s been logged, happened to myself and a few others as well. Will update if I hear anything more.

Thank you.

We know of the issue. We’re looking into it right now.

This should be fixed now.

Indeed it is for me, thanks for getting to this so quickly :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys it is fixed. And thank you for the speed of the response abd solution.

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> This should be fixed now.

You have no idea how relieved I am by this!!!

All of my messages and notifications are missing as well. I guess this is 5 years later but not sure if there is a fix?

I am also missing my messages and notifications on waypoint.

Fixed? Where i only see error signs

I retract my previous statement it has been fount
Go here my brothers and scroll to the bottom

Please don’t revive old topics thanks