Missing Items

Halo MCC is great but it need some items from the original games, mainly (in this topic) Halo 4. The items that are missing that need to be added are from the Champions Bundle, and the reasons that it should be added.

1: Many Players strived and excelled at acquiring all armors and weapon skins including dlc.

2: The armors when seen in combat were very interesting seeing them face off with the new armors. Like seeing the MK V face off with the MK VI or the ODST against the FOTUS. And seeing how different the PREFECT is but still staying within Halo 4’s art style. Plus the RICHOCHET armor looking so unique in how sporty it is.

2a: The weapon skins were such a great part because seeing the same weapon over and over is bland. And seeing everyone’s weapon looking different is so unique.

2b: Now the armor skins which were pretty decent, the different patterns gave diversity to the same armor. It was cool to see the same armor type but different colors and patterns.

3: These Armors and Weapon Skins need to be added to complete the game even if it is a $5 dlc I’ll gladly pay it.

Now the items:

The Armor:





Loadout weapon skins:

Assault Rifle Trauma TRM
Assault Rifle Teeth TTH
Battle Rifle Salvage SLV
Magnum Indigo IND
Magnum Flare FLR

Armor skins:

Defender Column CLMN
Infiltrator Python PYTN
Oceanic Solid SLID
Enforcer Tracer TRCR
Venator Bayonet BYNT

That’s all that really needs to be added to Halo MCC.

-Time A. Degner

Hey OP, appreciate the time you put into this but this is better suited for the existing wish list and feedback threads that are in the main MCC Xbox forums (you’ll see the pinned feedback threads). Feel free to add your thoughts there - closing this off as this isn’t really a support request.