Missing items...

How is it that the Brute melee weapon comes back but we don’t get a Brute gun…or vehicle?

I can get a Promethean sniper but not a Promethean sword(like the one the Promethean Knight uses), what about a Promethean vehicle?

Where is my Hornet?

Brings back the DMR from Reach, but leaves the Revenant and Falcon.

Advertises the Mammoth in campaign but doesn’t even have the Elephant in multiplayer?

How come I can’t fly in a miniature version of the Didacts flying ball he used to sneak up on Chief?

Where is my Bubble Shield? Not even a Drop Shield?

Why do I need an armor mod to pick up grenades? What happened to the spike grenades and incinerary grenades.

Why is Halo 4 missing what every other Halo had?

I’m not complaining, just doing some inquiring. What do you all think?