Missing Helioskrill Armour

Over one month ago I completed Halo 1-4 Legendary on The Master Chief Collection, and have not recieved the Helioskrill armour.

The achievement DOES show up on my profile, as shown in the image below:


The armour DOES NOT show up in game, or on this website.

Now here’s the only reason I can think of for this, as the rest unlocked fine…
During the final cut-scene, of the final level in Halo 4 legendary, my internet cut out. (See video below) I was able to continue and finish the level but the achievement didn’t trigger until the next day when I was back online. I went back and played the final level on legendary again as my friend (who wasn’t the host) was kicked to the lobby after my internet died. He then got the achievement, and now has Helioskrill.

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So basically my assumption is that because that achievement may have been flagged as being earned offline, I haven’t received the armour, but clearly I can’t undo that.

Despite posting my issue in many threads for this problem made by other people (like the good forum user I am) I’m making my own thread because I still haven’t seen a single person get a response from 343i.

Could someone please help me get the armour? I have contacted Microsoft live chat, who were totally useless and appear to be robots, and their twitter support took 3 days just to tell me to post here, where very few questions get a reply.


Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

I am also experiencing the same problem, I completed all the campaigns on legendary on the MCC prior to H5’s release but I didn’t get the legend achievement, I went back to a level that was completed on legendary co-op but since I left half way though on solo normal my very first time playing the MCC it made an anomoly(that’s what I speculate because I went back post launch of H5 realizing I didn’t have the armor to try and fix this) and now It’s been over three weeks since H5’s release and I have not received the armor I rightfully deserve :confused: I messaged bravo about this but I have not receive a message back…i’m kinda disappointed with these turn of events.

Me too dude, Microsoft support told me to post here but it looks like I’d have more luck sending a carrier pigeon to 343i offices.

XB is quick to take your money
and never likes to solve your issues
spent hours after many days of work grinding legendary on all games for this not to work
I just want my damn arbiter themed helioskrill armor already
the achievement is there, making it all the more frustrating

me too, i already complete the 4 campaings in legendary and already got the legend achievement but i did not receive my armor :frowning: i want it so much

Bumping again.

Microsoft Twitter support continues to be useless, with such great suggestions as "They may be researching the problem, let’s give them time"


It’s almost been a month without anyone getting this issue adressed…


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> bump


Yep so annoying thought i was the only one with this problem at least i know its not just me now i have written on the facebook page twitter tried finding some kind of concrete email address or any kind of contact info for that matter to no avail!

I got the achievement on sunday and nothing has appeared either on waypoint or in game so frustrating that no one from 343 can be bothered to at least confirm that this is a known issue and they are trying to fix it

another thread with the same problem in case people want to keep track of them all in case one gets a response


So anyone that is still having trouble with this i spoke to xbox support they looked at my profile and verified that i had the legend achievement and told me to post in the halo 5 guardian forum and say that you have the achievement and have spoken to xbox support and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

They didnt reply but when i got home i had all the armour ready to go!

Link to the right forum is


Just a warning though i dont know whether it was speaking to support or posting on the forum that got the ball rolling so if posting on the forum yields no results then go to xbox and chat to someone live and tell them.

Hope this helps everyone as i know how frustrating this situation is

Hey Blaze did you speak to their support on the phone? I’ve used their live chat and Twitter, both of which were useless and just tell me to post here where my post has been ignored by 343i


The sad thing about this (and many other problems) is that 343i is remaining silent and doesn’t give an official statement on this.

I feel ignored with all the problems of Halo 5…

I had this problem, with the achievement but no armor.After 4 days of support chats and calls, and only seeing one reply from 343 i kinda got annoyed. so i looked through the forums into ALL posts related to this problem and got suggestions. one i tried worked. i went into MCC and went to settings then customizations and went to my loadouts and changed them around a bit. went back into halo 5 and the HELIOSKRILL POPPED UP FINALLY! This method has worked for me and two others i know. i hope you all try this and get the armor you all rightfully deserve. GOOD LUCK!

I’ll try that now.

bump, same problem

I’m having the same issue as well

Seems like there’s still no official response from 343i…