Missing GT in IC finals leaderboards

First off, I have never been negative about this game what-so-ever, nor have I posted anything like this. So I apologizes for being one of the people who complain on here, but I give up. I have been trying to be cool about how crappy this “challenge” has been ran but this is ridiculous. I have followed all the rules in this lame tournament never cheated, never boosted, never changed my gamer tag, and all of a sudden my name is off the leaderboard. I got the email saying I am in tier 1 for the finals and everything. After contacting -Yoink!- gaming all I get is “we don’t know what happened, but it is being fixed” but all I hear out of that is “tough -Yoink-”! I can not explain to you how pissed I am. I love Halo 4 and support 343 with everything, but this lame excuse for a challenge is seriously limited!

As my grandmother would say when she is disappointed in me… “SHAME ON YOU!” 343 and -Yoink!- gaming. this challenge could have been handled better!

  1. chugchugMEOW 13935 Tier 1

Case sensitive. took a while for me to figure out too

Yeah they emailed me saying it was fixed like right after this was posted. I also am missing a lot of points in which they told me it would be taken care of… We will see