Missing Game Type and Specializations.

After at least a somewhat intensive search i was unable to find any information relating to my issues as well as contacting a support rep who was unable to assist via troubleshooting procedures.

So has anyone else experienced the following issues:

Unable to show unlocked Specializations, even after a system reboot and some content re-installation. (I should have “all” specializations unlocked").

I am also unable to see/join any “King of the Hill” games. I have not yet attempted to hop on with a friend to see if i could join their KotH game, but it is not showing in my personal list.

If anyone has any answers, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

I also have lost King of the Hill and my specializations.

I am missing the specializations after downloading them too. King of the hill was temporarily removed

My apologies, i was not aware KotH was removed… (dumb to do it on a day where KotH was one of the required chalenges)

So i guess that just leaves me in the same boat as everyone having Specialization issues.