Missing game history???!

Oke, so here it is, I have been playing this warzone map with the Garage, did pretty well for my standards, got 30 kills, and ended op rather high.
All good.

Then the post game data didn’t show up… Happens ~half the time, no that much of a big deal, although I do like to view it for sure…
Loading data or something is the message you get, i’m sure you are familiar with this.

Problem here is that with the progress of the game before that, I got on the verge of achieving the next level, so fur sure this game should have done it.
It kept at 47.
I just went on playing, because it is fun. Sometimes it might take some time for the game to set thing right i thought, so whatever.
Well, it appears it DIDN’T, since it is not even on my game history on this site. So I guess it did not count towards my commendations nor xp or rp. The xp definitely did not increase, given that the amount of xp increase of the last game seemed to continue on from the point of the game before the game I am talking about.

Not happy about this AT ALL, don’t fancy playing warzone like this. Did any of you have the same issue? What should I do to prevent it? Just wait and quit out of the half-minute intermission for the game to register the data? I reckon it didn’t do that in the first place because a new warzone game was started before it could register this data.

The issue is to be further illustrated in a reply.

You should get your xp and everything soon. This happens to me very rarely, but when it does I get my xp and everything either next game or a few games after.

3rd last game:



  • 1000
    RED TEAM - 148
    34849/35000 XP

last game:



  • 1000
    RED TEAM - 981
    4319/38000 XP

There should be a 2nd last game on

> 2533274903975459;2:
> You should get your xp and everything soon. This happens to me very rarely, but when it does I get my xp and everything either next game or a few games after.

Will I also be able to view the data here then later? I find it weird that the order the gamehistory would be changed, but if your right, which you probably are, then i guess its just fine.

This time i kept track of the xp.

march on stormbreak
missing game
march on stormbreak
6206/38000 XP
7667/38000 XP
9396/38000 XP
11267/38000 XP
12706/38000 XP
16882/38000 XP
20095/38000 XP
retrieving data APEX
again nothing here!
service record:

No jump indicating that i got the xp for the missing game after 3 warzone games.
Again retrieving data at the end of the third.
Looking here at this site, OFCOURSE, neither in the history here, well that is my last game so it might just take some time, but i did NOT get my earned xp after a couple of more games for the missing game i initially posted this for.
I thought that after the MCC debacle this sort of SH#T was over.

Edit: I dicided not to play any more games, quit the game, restarted it. Then the option of viewing your latest carnage report reappeared, being not my last game, but the game before that.
So thats 2 times i missed out on xp,rp,commendation and god knows what. Their not in my theater either, was told they might show up there eventually.

Edit2: in another tread it was mentioned that you may get the xp, rp and so on combined with the next game. So i dediced to play yet another game, not a very good one, A loss and I ended very low. At least the previously mentioned error did not occur, and I was able to view the postgame stats, commendation progress, and xp/lvl progress.
I got 1849 rp and 3743xp, which is what you normally get for one warzone game. This and the amounts I had previously to the game before this one add up to the amounts shown on halowaypoint (xp) and spartan hub (rp), meaning, that NO additional xp or rp was awarded for the game before this game, in this case, after another game.



Looking back at the data given in my second post here, i saw that for one game I was awarded 8476 xp, which is alot for 11-minute warzone game. However, this is the game PRIOR to the missing game this topic was started for initially. SO perhaps the same thing happened before this game, where the rp/xp actually DID get added to the next game or i was awarded it using warzone boost. I can thus neither confirm or disprove getting rp/xp with the next game after the ‘retrieving data’ issue. However it does not happen all the time, nor do you get awarded after restarting the game, all the time.
If this did work for you, count yourself lucky.


  • not awarded rp/xp for 2/5 completed warzone games. I did not track the commendation progress. - no history of these missing games present on halo waypoint - You don’t always still get it after another game without notification or after restarting the game. In this case it didn’t for me 2/2 problematic games i kept track off. - Neither does it after completing 4 warzone and 5 arena games. Data is show above. Can be confirmed by going to my history.Personal conclusion.

IM AM DONE WITH HALO 5 MP WARZONE. Bad enough to have this gamble aspect of getting skins/stuff for your packs, but that is just how it works. Now apparantly its a gamble too whether your you are awarded your rp/xp, if your unlucky enough. MCC all over again. Progress getting restarted, not getting your earned xp, it is the very same thing. wonder whether it is worse/comparable/less for arena.

This is a shame, because the gameplay itself is fluently.

Same thing here. Happens on arena big team battle and warzone. I’ll so have games where I can’t use my req packs so I’m stuck with the pistol and assault rifle the whole time unless I pick up weapons while playing. Very frustrating

I have had 1 of such game, and a, for me, normal game where someone in the chat had the this issue of not being able to use anything but pistol and ar.
it has been rare for me though, only 1 time. It seems to happen to quite some ppl though.

The not getting awarded thing occured 2 out of 5 times though. Im back to arene for now because of that, wonder how this will evolve. Not going to be able to safe up to 80k this way. (honestly i din’t actually think i was going to anyway)
I would have never known, whithout keeping track myself, which i am also still doing for arena. (and takes more time than redoing the actual games for rp would have probably done. lol)
It might be a serious problem if more ppl have the same issue without even knowing about it! and just continue gaming.

This still happens, just happened to me today.

Yes this has happened to me so many times it’s not funny.

it does happen rarely; but there has to be a reason it happens.
TAKE NOTE OF HOW WELL YOU DO IN A GAME; for me it only seems to happen when I do very well(for my standards).

Sometimes the sweatys just get beat and they start reporting(FOR CHEATING) high placing players all at once bc they are on the same fireteam and they are communicating(TRICKING THE SYSTEM). Also, they could easily DDOS you if they were tracing the ip traffic during the game(NOT HARD); this would be very tricky so I assume they are ddosing all sniffed IPs at once right when its time to to synch the data. Then disabling it very quickly.


I AGREE is is very frustrating when you are working on commendations and you randomly are matched with sore losers and they ddos right as the game synchs; and they are DOING IT ON PURPOSE! no way to go back and even see whom you were matched against to report.

I will let you fill in the ________________ as to what types of people these are. so that I do not upset the PC

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