Missing funko pop code

i bought one of the halo funko pops with a code. Although I dont think it had one in the box. How can I find the code/ get my armor? Had a similar problem happen with a rainbow 6 siege figurine and they where able to put the digital item in my account. Do you know if 343 will do the same? Thanks

Did you manage to find the code in the end? It comes in the form of a small cardboard sheet.

You need to get the sheet and scratch the silver part out on the bottom to reveal the code :slight_smile:

Hola yo ya hice el canje el la paguina de waypoint redeem y me lo acepto pero no me aparece la armadura en el juego… que mas se tiene que hacer? gracias

lo canje desde el 11/20/2021

I just bought the Blue/Yellow funko pop and there is no code at all in it :frowning: is there something I can do? Somewhere I can complain or get a code? Cuz it was probably the main reason I bought it and it’s extremely sad to just not have it in the end :frowning: