Missing custom options

Here’s a list of some of the missing options in the gametypes we have at the moment. There’s a load of games that are already impossible to make due to this.

Can’t change the types of weapons that spawn on the map

We can’t add bonus points for anything besides kills, suicides, and betrayals

We cant select “Random” as a weapon choice

We cant make the secondary weapon “None.”

We cant change or remove vehicle spawning

We cant modify players ability to use vehicles.

We cant force colors on players

We cant apply visual effects to players.

We cant change weapon damage

Respawn traits are gone

Leader traits are gone

We cant set unlimited ammo or bottomless clip on weapons

Now even if things like infection and KOTH are added they may be limited too, in unforeseen ways. This will result in forgers and custom gamers leaving the game very quickly as they did in Halo 4.

We can only hope for the best at this point.

I believe 343 mentioned that they were looking into the missing custom game options in one of their updates.

I have a look for that thanks.

Im im just trying to get the word out so hopefully it won’t be forgotten about.

Forgot to add - I couldn’t find a way to remove spartan shields. Also can’t find a way to edit the gametypes description.

I can’t believe the custom game options are so limited. No idea how this happened.

Just discovered this evening that you can set no secondary weapon by choosing the same option for both primary and secondary weapons.

and no 1 flag