Missing Custom Game content

So I started to play last night and as expected, friend after friend jumped into my fireteam, and eventually we became too big to play in the arena, and eventually, we got tired of Warzone.

I know that Big Team Battle is coming, so this topic is not to discuss content is to come, but more the content that is missing that has become a staple in Halo. After going through the custom games and trying to make own gametypes, I notice that the following gametypes were missing:

  • Juggernaut - One Flag - Oddball - Grifball (will most likely be included, but maybe not due to the disclusion of grav-hammers) - Assault - Infection (not everybody‚Äôs favorite, but one that was added to halo)Another thing that was missing to my surprise include, the ability to start with Random Weapons (Halo 2 Fiesta-type).

I wonder what else they are missing/left out

I noticed they forgot weapons on map.