missing comments!?!

has anyone noticed this in the past few days? ive had my comments deleted and noticed others comments gone too.
have you noticed this? discuss

If your comments were removed then they were deemed offensive by the Mods. Same for everyone else.

Either offensive or something that didn’t add to the original subject.

Don’t worry about it.

Admins/Mods move and delete stuff to keep the forums clean and or organized.

2nd to last question:

I posted a comment in the TU thread that BS Angel made. It thanked for the TU, and added feedback. It was also the first comment as well.

I found that it was suddenly gone. I guess Linked’s link to the faq thread explained why.

i am well aware of the offensive thing. but what i posted was and i quote “i have never played that level but i think i can do it” and this was on the achievemnent post. the other posts have been simaler.
is it a glitch or what?