Missing Carnage Report & Post game options -- HELP

After I play a round of multiplayer whether is be arena or warzone the carnage report and subsequent post game options fail to load. On the screen I can see a spartan aiming down his gun and the intermission timer counting down. I am unable to even leave the lobby forcing me to remain in whichever game type I have chosen. I have resorted to shutting off my xbox during the intermission to avoid being penalized for leaving mid game. This has been going on for multiple days now. This is Unacceptable.

I have same problem in matchmaking, I can’t leave the game lobby after a game, have to shut off my xbox.

Same prob they really need to fix this.

when this happens do you guys have the kills/deaths count on ur service record? or do you see the game in past games because when this happens to me i lose all my kills for the game and it dont even show up in recent games its like i never played it.

I don’t know but I know that i do recieve my RP and commendation packs. I just can’t open them or see how much/many I earned until I restart the game.

If I choose to view my carnage report before playing any games i become locked into the screen unable to do anything (w/o seeing the carnage report). Without the intermission to pull you into a game you essentially freeze the game.

After the first game i played today that carnage report and everything appeared, however that was the only time it worked.

This seems to be happening more frequently, and more so on games won. It shows up eventually, but being forced into the next game because you can’t quit out is really annoying.

Must be some sort of connectivity issue then. Hopefully there will be a patch for this is the next update. I wont continue to play halo if it doesn’t get fixed soon.

I’ve experienced the “can’t leave the lobby” issue a lot over the last couple days, independent of whether I’m winning or losing.