Missing Armor.

I recently went through the entire MCC campaigns on legendary with a friend in order to get the Helioskrill armor variant. After completing it my friend automatically had the armor in his inventory yet I did not. No req pack or anything. Any ideas as to what is going on or how to resolve the issue?

Same issue as me, but with the mark VI armor

Same issue with me. I have the Legend Achievement but no Helioskrill armor? I keep looking for any answers but nothing helpful so far.

hey guys, try loading up mcc and run the update, it transfers your data to halo 5 for the armor. thats how i got mine! also, if your looking for a team come join mine, i do skull, intel finding, and matchmaking. hope i helped!

Lots of armor are missing I’m still waiting for the raikou armor. Try logging out on your system.