Missing Armor - ghost of meirdian

So I noticed in the poster req for ghost of meridian is missing armor from halo live stream promo. I dont know if this was intentional or not.
This is the image below.

It looks like gungnir helmet but it has a visor.

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Holding back even more content for yet another “Coming soon” statement?

I noticed this as well, I was wondering where that armour went. It looks good, but I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the overwhelming amount of white on it.

EOD maybe.

I can do without more Gundam style armor that I’ll never use. It’s gotten a bit out of hand. It would be different if it was like Reach if I could purchase my armor variants. The req system is diluted with all these obsolete, often ugly armor and helmets.
Real content please.

Possible EOD?

maybe it’s being held for a surprise when you open a pack and get armor you didn’t think was in the game

I was wondering about this too, I noticed that the Spartan also had a weapon skin which we only did get in the weapon skin packs.
So whats up with this 343?

I wonder why they replaced it, I would rather have a new set than another MK 5 Alpha variant.

Looks like they cut the Shark skin as well and placed it into that 80,000 pack , I guess we cant trust any of the preview clips now.

I’m sure they said this was a sneak peak livestream for March DLC? Even though we were never given any content? But mehh, it would be nice not to have the Mark V Alpha as an extra… Or even most of the armour from the pack.

If its EOD - then I hope they make it look a little better than that.

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> If its EOD - then I hope they make it look a little better than that.

Judging by 343 and their helmet and armour designs, I can imagine it won’t be pretty at all. Halo 3 & Reach’s EOD were spot on. If 343 made it so it would have similarities of the face area of Darth Vader’s helmet, that would be sweet.

To be deployed in coming soon Free DLC (paid for you by REQ buyers)

Well, an Armor Mod introduced in the last uodate wasn’t in its REQ poster, and the same is true (hopefully) for those 14 new Weapon Skins.