Missing Armor and Helmet Req Cards

I played MCC, H5G Multiplayer Beta and watched all Halo Nightfall episodes, so I have most of the armor and emblems that are awarded in Halo 5 if you do that. I can equip my Nightfall and Mark VI [Gen1] armor amd helmet. Nevertheless, when I open my collection in the game or I see my customizations in Halo Waypoint I can’t seem to find those cards unlocked. They appear as if I have the armor but I don’t have the cards for it. Is that normal? Does someone else has the same issue. I know I have the items, so having the cards doesn’t really matters 'cause I can still equip my armor and helmets, but since I like to collect all the unlockables I can possibly get I would like to see that fixed.

There’s a thread for this in the support section, it’s happened to a bunch of us, I’m trying to get the Leged achievement but I’m not even bothering atm I’m not going to do 4 legendary campaigns again for no reward!

A quick heads up 343 don’t ever respond in the support section, essentially we are all wasting our time there, I hope I’m wrong but if they aren’t responding they aren’t doing anything about it!