Missing Achievements For completed missions

So ive completed over half of the missions in Halo CEA and Halo 2 Anniversery and ive gotten achievements for skulls, terminals, and easter eggs… but not for the mission its self. This really annoys me especially for Halo CEA becaus its so old that its frastrating to play. I love halo and played it since i can remember someone try to fix this and maybe like give me the achievements. The main menu for both halos show the missions completed too i just havent gotten the achievement…

Same here, luckily I beat Halo CE and 2 on Legendary and got the achievements but today I was doing Halo 3 and didn’t get the achievement for the mission Crow’s Nest, I’m going to be pissed if I have to re do it again on Legendary so yeah hopefully it gets fix soon.

I just completed all the halo 2 par time missions and unlocked the achievements, except for the final achievment(going nowhere fast) for completing all the par time missions. It says ive completed 12 out of 13 missions, even though I’ve unlocked the achievments for all 13 levels. I can’t tell which mission is missing and I don’t want to replay them all. Any ideas on how to find the missing mission?

update: found the top 5 friends: speed run, one mission didn’t have a recorded time.

On halo waypoint, go to your service record > master chief collection > click on the corresponding game. Here you can check to see the missions it says you have not completed. Even if it says you have completed them in the game, you may find that on waypoint that its not completed.

This may be due to saving and quiting during a mission. I would try doing the entire mission in just one sitting.The same issue happened to me. I just checked waypoint to see the uncompleted missions.

Hope this helps.